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About Us

Why we are the Best

Simply the best! OutSourceSol is a trusted world supplier of premium quality Zebra hide rugs that are beautiful and ethically acquired. Our Zebra hides/rugs are obtained through foreign Wildlife government programs and come with all legal documentation alongside our US fish and wildlife certification. As a US registered importer and exporter, we pride ourselves in selecting the best products for our clients at an unbeatable price. Why trust us?

  • Superb Zebra Rug Quality & No 1 Trusted Supplier.
  • US licensed with worldwide shipping
  • 100% rating and customer satisfaction
  • FREE Shipping to all clients worldwide via USPS and TNT.
  • 10% goes back to Africa in support for education

What Our Customers Say About Us?

``Amber Jones``

``Julie Wright``

``Fredrick Dane``

Interior Designer

“We have worked with Outsourcesol 5 times and have developed a true business relationship due to the quality and service they provide with each hide. We highly recommend them.”

Interior Designer

“WOW!!! I really have to say this in caps because you guys just blew my mind with the quality of this rug. Our clients are beyond happy and all I can say is thank you for your help in all this.”

Individual Buyer

“A very professional and well informed business that was helpful from the initial point with all my questions. I highly recommend Outsourcesol to all new visitors and those who are doubtful.”

Meet Our Team

Thomas. Andrew. M


Nicknamed “the boss”, this individual is the youngest in the family business and a holder of two Mathematics degrees.

Zeus Andrew

Peace Control

Zeus holds a double degree in sleeping well and the charm to keep all of us happy and excited even though he never helps.

Peter. Andrew.M

Marketing Director

Peter is the oldest in the family and a Doctor of Pharmacy. He thinks himself as the smartest but fact is, he truly is the smartest.

Joshua. Andrew.M


Joshua is an Architect and holds a double degree too. Yikes!  He is the proud owner of Zeus and a technology genius.

Giving Back

Education Program

As advocates for sustainable wildlife growth and education, all our zebra skin rugs are strictly obtained from wildlife agencies working to control animal population. We are also strong believers of helping others and those in need, which is why 10% of our profits go back to our native Tanzania. Education should be provided to all and it’s our responsibility to start that movement and pay it forward.

What we’ve achieved

  • We select a school each year to help
  • Over 500 textbooks bought
  • 2 Classrooms built in Sahme Region
  • Tuition paid for 12 Students in Vudee

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