Zebra Skin Rug | African Lion Hides & African Masks

“Licensed World Suppliers of Zebra Skin Rug, Collectible African Tribal Masks & African Lion Hides at Affordable Rates.”

OutSourceSol is a trusted world supplier of premium quality Zebra hide rugs that are beautiful and ethically acquired. Our Zebra hides/rugs are obtained through foreign government programs and come with all legal documentation alongside our US fish and wildlife certification. As a US registered importer and exporter, we pride ourselves in selecting the best products for our clients at an unbeatable price.

Dealing with many clients purchasing authentic rugs, African tribal masks and African lion hides requires a great deal of patience and trust. This is why customer care and satisfaction is our number one priority making certain each client is beyond satisfied and taken care of. If at any point you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time and will be sure to help over the phone.

At OutSourceSol, We also supply ethically acquired African Lion hides from naturally deceased lions with the highest expectations on quality and longevity without charging significant amounts. Usually we sell two to three lion rugs a year due to a commitment that we will never purchase game hunted lion skins. If you are interested in buying a lion hide, we ask that you contact us first to see if we have any available.


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Hi Tom and thank you so much for working with us on this special project. I am very honored and happy to post my review on your company and its with no doubt that your zebra hides are truly impeccable both in quality and size. Our design program required placement of a hide within a working/high traffic office space for a residential home. The hide was a perfect fit and not to mention very soft and supple. The fact that our client is happy makes us happy. Thank you again for your help and a product that is truly top grade.

Mikael Francois

Mikael Francois

Francois Interiors