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Don’t take our word for it. Please read below some of the many positive reviews we receive on our store countless of times from our clients and Interior Designers across the globe. To read more reviews, please visit our store from the top menu. Happy shopping.


Name: Mealey Nadal

Posted on: Feb,27,2012 2:33am MST

Please post your comment here: Me and my husband purchased this skin rug for our African themed home here in Spain. The rug was shipped and delivered in perfect condition since it was international. It is very beautiful and I offer a thumbs up for your products. Thank you very much.

Name: Ahmed Sadin
Location:Dubai, UAE
Posted on: Feb,29,2013 5:49am MST

Please post your comment here: Greetings and thank you for the fast shipment. We received our order today and felt the need to post this review on your site. Your service is impeccable and the quality of the rug is first class.  I have nothing less to say than perfect.

Name: Christian Milerson
Location:Los Angeles, California
Posted on: Aug,12,2013 8:09pm MST

Please post your comment here: Thanks for the call and it is my pleasure to post my honest review. Spending $1800 online is scary for anyone but upon talking to you guys, I felt safe and had no need to worry. I recently purchased a second rug due to the satisfaction my client had and we received a referral purchase. Keep up the great work and as always thanks.

Name: Diego Alvero
Location:San Francisco, California
Posted on: Aug,17,2013 3:39pm MST

Please post your comment here: WOW!!! I really have to say WOW in caps because you guys just blew my mind with the quality of this rug. Our clients are beyond happy and their Decor store looks complete with this center piece.