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Our Team

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We are a team of professionals and friends that share similar values with a strong commitment towards having an open presence with our clients. Our philosophy is simple! “ABSOLUTELY no compromise in quality”. It is our core value and belief that all clients irregardless of status or order volume must be treated with the same respect and provided with the best care in customer service and product satisfaction no matter what. If a customer is uncertain or has a question that isn’t answered on our website, our team is always here to answer those questions. As always we want your purchase to be one that is trouble free and memorable.


Joshua A. Mgonja
Co-Founder | CEO

Architecture graduate from the University of Idaho with a strong passion for design, business and marketing. Joshua originally from Tanzania, started OutSourceSol in 2013 with the sole priority of providing his clients with the highest quality grade Zebra hides, harvested only from wildlife programs.


Thomas A. Mgonja
Co-Founder | COO

Thomas is a Florida State University (Seminoles) graduate with his master’s degree in the field of Mathematics. Yes! Quite the genius currently seeking his PHD. Since establishing the business, Thomas has played a major role in the business growth over the years with annual average of 25% growth.


Brooke W. Mgonja
Marketing & Strategist

Brooke is always a thinker. Be it work, traveling, business growth or her passion for helping others. Outside of OutSourceSol, Brooke is a Doctor of Nurse Practitioner and has traveled across the globe with “Doctors without Borders”. Her strong understanding of care and strategy has allowed us to grow strong and also engage better with our clients. Brookey!!!!


Lora P. Mgonja
Graphics Guru

Lora has a heart of gold and an eye for good design. She’s an outstanding Graphics Designer and project manager with major skills when it comes to making our site more user friendly and fun to browse. Her passion for Interior design and Style has allowed our hides to be featured in numerous magazines and curate with some of the most respected interior Designers.


Len Cruz
Content Master

Len enjoys her time most when creating unique fresh content for the web and spending time with her amazing family. Her work ethic and dedication to her content makes her a respected blogger featured in numerous high profile design, fashion and cooking blogs. Len enjoys writing about lifestyle, food, fashion and parenting. If she’s not writing for us, nine out of ten she’s working on her personal blog “The Mommist” or simply travelling the world.

Monika Maneva

Monika Maneva
Social Media Wizard

As a young book and art lover, Monika transcended her creativity in her daily life and later in her academic achievements. Finishing Faculty of Architecture, majoring in Interior Design, she gained a profound knowledge in this area and continuously complemented it with literature and self-practice in design. This gave her motivation to even more embrace her desire for learning and growing as a person and designer which led to her freelance work, interest in social media and support of companies connected to it.